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Why You Should Go to a Salon Instead of Trying At-Home Hair Services

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Thinking About a New Haircut or Hair Color? Find a Salon Instead of DIY

This month we’re going to cover why you should go to a salon instead of doing your hair at home. Over the last year, at-home haircuts and hair color have been the trend. Many men and women have deemed themselves “professionals” for at-home haircuts, hair coloring, and other cosmetic services. The problem with this is that without the right experience or tools, you may completely ruin your hair. There’s only so much a stylist at a salon can do to fix hair color and cuts – so it’s crucial to do the right research or find a salon near you to properly complete the service.

We’re going to cover a few myths and tips on choosing at-home hair services or scheduling a salon trip. Keep these in mind when doing your research or browsing the hair products section at your local grocery store.

Are you considering at-home hair color or a haircut? We hope you consider the many pros and cons of at-home haircuts or hair color vs. going to a hair salon.


At-Home Hair Color May Not Give You the Best Results or Save Money

Some common misconceptions on at-home hair color or cuts is that it can save you money. This is one thing we want to dispel right away. While yes, box dyes appear much cheaper than a salon color service, consider the additional costs at hand. If you have long hair, you may need to purchase two or three boxes of hair color. Those who are trying to go lighter must also find the necessary lightener, or bleach, and toner. Having foils to help the bleach incubate can help, too. And don’t forget the gloves, proper mixing tools, and possibly a scale for weighing product.

As Byrdie mentions, those doing at-home color may not know the best products to use. There are salon-quality hair color products available in stores and online that may be better for your hair. We recommend using demi/semi-permanent color instead of permanent to lessen chemicals on the hair, too.

Now that you have all of the products you need, you may see the cost rising. Those with dark hair may spend additional time lightening the hair and using more products to get a working base. Skipping this step may cause you to not see any change, or will make the hair color uneven. If this happens, you’ll end up spending extra money at a salon for color correction.


Trying a Dramatic Haircut? Speak with a Professional Stylist First

No matter the length of your hair, doing your own haircut can be a challenge. For starters, it can be incredibly difficult to see the back of your head to make the cut even. Pulling the hair completely to the front will pull the hair in the back, making it uneven once the cut occurs. You may begin looking for a trim and end up taking off a few inches trying to make it even.

If you are attempting a dramatic at-home haircut, the stylists at Pure Excellence Hair Design recommend visiting a salon instead. Adding layers, going from medium-length to a pixie, or trying styles like fades can be a challenge on your own. The right stylist will be able to determine if the look will work right with your hair. This could depend on face shape, thinness or thickness of the hair, straight or curly hair, and more.


Choosing Salon-Quality Products to Get Great Results

If you decide that you would rather stick to doing hair at home, it’s best to use the right salon-quality products for the best results. Pure Excellence Hair Design is a Keune salon, and we can recommend the best products for your hair type. Be sure to read and research the product you choose to best determine the results. Many box dyes include things like developers, which may be too strong or not strong enough for your hair. To get the best results, we recommend visiting a store or salon that sells these quality products.

Hair color and tools is not the only salon-quality products that you need for at-home hair services. Be sure to find the right color-safe shampoos and conditioners, toners, and leave-in products to care for your hair afterwards.

Speak With Our Stylists About Why You Should Go to a Salon

Are you still considering why you should go to a salon for haircuts and hair color? Instead of wasting time and money on at-home haircuts or colors, think about visiting a hair salon. We hope that you make an appointment at Pure Excellence Hair Design in Roanoke, VA, for salon-quality service. Our stylists have years of experience and can provide haircuts, hair color, highlights, and much more.


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