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Stay on Trend in 2021 with This Year’s Top Haircuts for Summer

Are You Thinking About Changing Your Look? Consider a Haircut

When thinking about haircuts for summer, it can be a challenge to feel like you’re making the right choice. Maybe you’re unsure of what best fits your face shape. Or, you’ve had the same haircut for years and aren’t sure about a change. We’re here this month to explore some trendy haircuts for summer and what will work best for you.

Many of us may be growing out some home haircuts, and that’s okay. But consider evening out your current style or going bold this summer with a bob or pixie cut. If you’re looking for low-maintenance or something to work with daily, the perfect haircut is out there.


“Bobs” Are a Timeless Style to Fit Any Face Shape

One haircut that remains trendy year after year is a bob. Bobs can be short, chin-length cuts or a little longer to the shoulders. As Allure reminds us, bobs can require some working with to achieve that salon-quality look, but they are so worth it. Bobs are great for just about any face shape, too, so you know that you will always look your best.

If you think a bob will be playing it too safe, consider an asymmetrical bob. The hair is shorter in the back and is longer in the front, framing the face. Some clients may even opt for one side to be longer than the other. No matter your choice, this hair style flatters any face shape, as well. Change your color, too, for a total transformation!


Consider Adding Highlights to Your Look for Added Effect

While we’re focusing on haircuts for summer, we do want to mention the advantages of highlights. Choosing a bob or medium-length style can easily fall flat with the wrong color. If your hair is all one tone, consider adding a few highlights to add dimension. Those with darker hair may enjoy adding some caramel-toned highlights throughout. Blonde-haired clients could add a few highlights or lowlights to help their hair look livelier. Talk with your stylist at Pure Excellence Hair Design to see what highlights would work best with your hair.

“Money pieces,” or front-framing highlights, can also add this depth without going overboard. This style can easily brighten your face and add some dimension to the hair. Be the center of attention this summer with a quick and easy style.


Pixie Cuts Are a Low-maintenance Style for All Ages

Many of our clients look for a low-maintenance haircut for summer. They are working and playing – which means there is little time for styling hair! One way to achieve this is a pixie cut. Adding some gel into the hair can help to hold it in place. Finishing off with light hair spray or texture spray can give your hair an effortless look that’s truly effortless. Consider adding sideswept bangs to help frame the face and add a spunky feel to the look.


Long Layers Are Staying on Trend Summer 2021, Too

You may be reading this and think, “but I love my long hair. Do I really need to cut it to stay on trend?” Our answer is no. Long styles with layers are another trendy look that withstand the test of time. Many clients love their long locks and don’t wish to see them go – and we agree. Adding highlights or lowlights to add dimension, as we mentioned above, can change the look while keeping length the same.

Adding layers is a great way to make your hair appear livelier and dimensional, with or without highlights. Consider breaking up the length by adding a few layers to your longer length hair this summer.


Men Have Trendy Haircuts for Summer

To the men looking for trendy haircuts for summer 2021, we haven’t forgotten about you. There are great looks on trend this year to fit just about any look or style. The Trend Spotter lists crew cuts, undercuts, low fade, high fade, and side parts in their top picks for the year. Our stylists can perfect men’s haircuts no matter the style. Visit us today to learn more about trendy haircuts for summer or to choose from our list of hair services.


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