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Finding the Right Hair Styles for a Round Face Shape

Consider Your Face Shape When Choosing a New Hair Style

Are you struggling to find trendy hair styles for a round face shape? Many people may not consider their face shape when trying a new haircut or style, only to be disappointed that it doesn’t look right or make them feel confident. Whether your face is round, square, diamond, or other shapes, the stylists at Pure Excellence Hair Design can help you to find the perfect style for you.

This month, we’re going to focus on hair styles for a round face shape. Round face shapes usually have the same width in the forehead and jawline with no angles or sharp edges. If you’re unsure what exactly your face shape is, Byrdie has a resource to help you determine which describes your face best.

We’re going to get into a few different haircuts and hair styles for men and women to help enhance and embrace your round face shape. Remember that if you feel confident in your hair, then it’s the right style for you!


Layers Work for All Face Shapes

One hair style that withstands the test of time is to add layers. Layers can work with any length and can add texture and volume to the hair. Layers will also break up the length, adding dimension. Add highlights, too, to give your hair some added flair. Highlights can also brighten strands around the face to make the style pop.

Layers will not only break up the length but can frame your face, too. If you don’t want to commit to bangs, layers can help to elongate your face, as well, giving the appearance of a more oval-shaped face. Layers look great with waves, straight, or curly hair and will help to bring out your hair’s natural texture.


Add Bangs to Enhance the Shape of Your Face

While known as a great “commitment,” bangs are one way to enhance the shape of your face. According to the hair styling experts at Byrdie, side-swept bangs can slim and elongate the face, similar to layers. Those with shorter hair may find that side-swept bangs work best for their length.

Curtain bangs are also another way to frame the face. This style of bang is a bit longer and angled. Instead of going to one side or straight across, they work well with middle parts, starting from the center and getting longer on the sides. Curtain bangs are not as high-maintenance as other styles and will work with any hair type or texture. Not sure if bangs are right for you? Talk with your stylist at Pure Excellence to decide if this style will work. We can also recommend styling products to get salon-quality bangs at home.


Haircuts for Men with Round Faces

Men may feel like no hair style will work to fit their round face unless they grow out their hair. This couldn’t be further from the truth. recommends side parts and side-swept styles to show off round faces. This style will help to balance the length and size of the face, making the look more even. High-top and fringe hair styles are also an option to either lengthen the face or help to add a slimming effect.

Pure Excellence Hair Design works with men and women to find the best hair style for them. If you’re not sure of what will look best, just ask! Maybe your current hair style suits you, but you just need help styling. Whatever the issue, our goal is to help you feel and look your best.


Not Looking for a Cut? Let Us Style Your Hair

If you’re happy with your length but aren’t sure how to style your hair for an event, allow our team to help. Styling is just as important as the right cut – you want it to look effortless while also functional and flattering. There are some timeless hair styles for a round face, including:

Side-swept braids. For longer hair, side-swept braids can help to keep hair out of the face while complimenting the face shape.

Up-dos. Up-dos work for all face shapes, but especially round. Letting out your bangs or framing layers will help to add a slimming effect to the face, too.

Curling hair under the chin. For those with shorter hair and bobs, curling the hair under the chin will act as a way to frame the face and show off your finest features.

Half-up/half-down styles. Half-up/half-down pony tails and buns are another way to keep hair out of the face without having to pull everything up. Those with shorter hair may find this as an easy style that is low-maintenance and looks great with any hair texture.

Slicked-back ponytail or bun. For more formal events, a slicked-back pony or bun is a great option. Show off your face shape by using gel to slick back fly-aways and keep hair in place all night (or day) long.

Center part. Sometimes, hair styles are as simple as switching up the hair part. A center part will help to structure the face in ways a side part can’t. Give the center of your face full attention with this option.

Good House Keeping offers a nice selection of easy, trendy hair styles for big events. When you make your appointment with Pure Excellence Hair Design, just let us know what you’re thinking of doing. Our stylists will work with you to make sure you love the final product.


Visit Pure Excellence Hair Design for a New Hair Look

If you’re still searching or unsure of the best hair style for your round face shape, our stylists are here to help. With years of experience, you can count on the staff at Pure Excellence Hair Design to completely transform your look. Whether you choose a dramatic haircut or just need a new style for a big event, let us do it for you. Our job is to give you confidence and help you to look your best, and we cannot wait to meet you! Call our salon in Roanoke, VA, to schedule an appointment.


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