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Hair Care Tips for All Hair Types

Are You Ready to Start Taking Hair Care Seriously?

Are you looking for some new hair care tips to start treating your locks the right way? Pure Excellence Hair Design is here to provide some tips and tricks to keep hair hydrated and healthy. The right hair products can completely change the look and feel of the hair. Adding more hydration, keratin, or essential vitamins can add much more volume, smoothness, and can reduce frizz.

One thing to consider is your hair type. Those with thick, curly hair will most likely find that products made for thin, straight hair won’t do much for their hair, and vice versa. Speaking with your stylist or doing the right research of your preferred products can help to limit the guesswork when it comes to hair care.

This month we’re going to comb through some top hair care tips for all hair types. You may feel that there is no end to your split ends or dry hair, but that may not be the case. Our stylists can recommend products and tips on how to keep your hair looking and feeling great after the salon.


Your Hair Type Matters When Choosing Hair Products

Many people know this, but it is important to consider your hair type when choosing hair products. Like we mentioned, there are different products that will work best on thick or thin hair, or curly or straight hair. You may find that products like keratin and vitamins will show the same effects, but make sure to read the ingredients before applying any products to your hair. Hair care brand Function of Beauty reminds consumers to avoid ingredients like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, animal-based products, and formaldehyde. These chemicals can dry out the hair and can even cause health issues with prolonged use.

If you have color-treated hair, you may find that some of these tips don’t work as well for you. There are some hair products that can protect color while also providing the needed benefits to your hair, whether you need moisture or are trying to tame frizz.


Haircuts and Treatments to Rid Your Hair of Split Ends and Dryness

One thing that has been a tried-and-true tip for hair care is getting regular haircuts. Getting a trim every eight weeks or so will help to remove dead or split ends and help to keep your hair less dry. If you notice that your ends are split or look and feel dry, it may be time to make an appointment for a trim at Pure Excellence.

Another way to get the most out of your hair appointment is getting a keratin treatment or using keratin products. Do be aware that keratin treatments at a salon may contain things like formaldehyde. According to Healthline, keratin works by smoothing down cells that overlap your strands of hair. Keratin can be found in all types of hair products, like shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioners. Pure Excellence Hair Design is a Keune salon, offering quality keratin and other care products from their line.


Choosing Products for Curly Hair or Straight Hair

When it comes to hair texture, different products will work for different types. Those with curly hair may find that using silicone-based products only weighs the hair down, not letting those curls go full-force. Instead of using these heavy products, Byrdie reminds us to focus on hydration. Look for products without animal-derived ingredients, silicone, or other harsh chemicals. Curly-haired clients may find that glycerin is a great ingredient for their hair.

Those with straight hair may find that deep hydration products cause their hair to feel oily or greasy faster. It’s still good to avoid products with silicone or animal byproducts, but you may choose other frizz-control options.


Finding the Right Hair Care Regimen for Thin or Thick Hair

Another difference in hair care is whether or not you have thin hair or thick hair. Many of our clients with thin hair feel that their hair may appear “greasy” a lot faster than those with thicker hair. One easy way to combat this is to use less shampoo and conditioner. Apply the conditioner about halfway down the hair to add hydration to the ends of the hair instead of the scalp. Those with thick hair may have the opposite problem – meaning that more conditioner can restore that hydration.

Everyone is different, and what works for your thin or thick hair may not work for someone else. Our stylists will listen to your hair issues and help to decide what kinds of products will suit you best.


General Hair Care Tips for All Hair Types

Now that we’ve broken down the different options for different hair types, there are many tips that work for all hair types. These are general hair care dos and don’ts that will keep your hair healthy:

  • Not using excessive heat
  • Using heat protectant when heat styling
  • Regular haircuts and trims
  • Not bleaching or coloring the hair
  • Using a detangler
  • Using a wide-tooth comb
  • Not washing your hair every day

While these are standard hair procedures, many people may ignore them. Things like adding chemicals or bleach and using excessive heat can cause hair to break off or appear and feel dry. There are other ways to safely style and color your hair. Speak with the stylists at Pure Excellence about your hair concerns – we’ll be more than happy to lead you down the path to healthy hair.


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