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Popular Hair Styles for Men and Women

Switch Up Your Hair Style with a Trendy Look this Year

Now that we are into the new year, popular hair styles are coming out. Clients are coming in with their favorite celebrity’s picture, trying to figure out how this hair style will look on them. The stylists at Pure Excellence Hair Design are here to help! We are ready to help you transform your hair, whether it be a short new haircut or a bold new hair color.

Are you looking to transform the look of your hair? We’re going to get into some popular hair styles for the upcoming months. From adding layers, to chopping off those locks, our stylists are ready to help restore your confidence back into your hair. We’ll also look into some new and classic hair color options that will definitely get you the attention you deserve.


Haircuts that Have Gained Popularity this Year

One easy way to change up your hair without damaging it is to get a new, trendy haircut. According to The Trend Spotter, bobs are back and better than ever. A bob is a short haircut that can end at the chin, or sometimes clients opt for a long bob that is roughly shoulder-length. Bobs are low maintenance, which is perfect for the current climate. If you’re not sure about a regular bob, try an A-line cut or ask about different products to switch up the texture.

Pixie cuts are another haircut that are back on trend. Adding layers to a pixie cut will help to break up the length and help to make the hair look and feel less heavy. Adding gel or mousse can add texture and give your hair a completely different look.

Another simple look is adding bangs. Whether you choose straight across, side-swept, or curtain bangs, we know that you will love the change. Bangs are fairly easy to style and look great with all lengths and hair textures.

If you’re not sure about what haircuts will suit your face shape, we recently discussed options for round faces. Ask your stylist to go over any concerns or styling options.


Adding Layers Will Never Go Out of Style

Another easy way to change your hair without adding too much commitment is to add layers. Layers break up the length and thickness of the hair, making it feel and look lighter. Including some highlights can also breakup the hair and help to make it fuller and livelier.

You may think that only medium or long hairstyles can benefit from layers, but that’s not true. Shorter hair can benefit from layers because it can totally change the style. A bob or pixie that is all one length can feel heavy and unflattering. Adding a few shorter layers will help to tame any “poof” you may find and help to manage styling.


Trendy Hair Color Options for All Ages

When it comes to hair styles, there is no age limit. Whether you want a bold haircut or hair color, why let age stop you? This year, bright, bold colors are on trend. Adding fun highlights or completely changing the color will be a great way to have some fun with your hair for a while. Bold roots, or a shadow root, are also a common hair trend. This will help to spread out color appointments and are very low-maintenance.

A standard color that is popular this year is all shades of brown. While the popular “blondes have more fun” saying may still deter clients from choosing to go brunette, we urge you to consider the dimension and style that brown hair can offer. Allure recommends adding highlights or a money piece to frame your face and change up your look.

If brown hair isn’t for you, blonde hair is always a classic that will withstand the test of time. Remember that if you have dark hair it will take a few appointments to achieve the blonde you want, especially if it’s a bright blonde.


Popular Hair Styles for Men

Men may feel that there aren’t many trendy hair styles for them, especially if they have short hair. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Trend Spotter lists undercuts, fades, side cuts, and buzz cuts as trendy for this new year. Those looking for low maintenance styles may find, of course, that buzz cuts will be the best options. Undercuts are also a way to try out new parts and styles for medium or longer hair.

Hair colors for men are very similar for our women’s colors listed above. Many clients are choosing to go with bright, vibrant colors to boost their confidence and bring the attention to them. Pure Excellence uses Keune products, including their color line, to give our clients the best quality hair color.


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