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Keep Hair Color Vibrant with Tips for Color-Treated Hair

Have You Recently Switched Hair Colors? Keep It Looking Fresh

If you have recently dyed or colored your hair or are considering it, you may need tips for color-treated hair. No matter the color, from a natural brunette shade to a vibrant red, you must properly care for it. Without the proper washing and care, the color can fade quickly and add more damage to the hair.

This month we’re going to consider the many options to protect color-treated hair. It’s important to discuss hair care tips with your stylist to get the full effect. One thing to keep in mind is that you may want to follow different steps depending on your hair color. Fashion colors may fade faster than natural colors and be more noticeable.


Tips to Keep Color-Treated Hair Bright and Healthy

Fashion colors are colors that are not natural to the hair, like bright reds, blues, pinks, greens, and others. Matrix reminds us that red is a color that fades very easily, so keep this in mind when switching to a red-based color. A few tips and tricks to keep these colors bright include:

  • Washing hair with cold water
  • Not washing hair everyday
  • Using color-safe shampoo and conditioner
  • Getting regular trims
  • Not heat styling hair
  • Using hair masks for hydration


We will get into more on these tips later. If you’re considering a fashion color, it is important to keep hair healthy up to that point. Lightening the hair can dry it out, making these tips important in maintaining the health and integrity of the hair after the color.


Check the Ingredient List on Shampoo and Conditioner

Depending on the color used and the state of your hair already, you may experience dryness and some damage. You may definitely notice drier hair after using bleach to lighten the hair. A few ways to combat this in between appointments is to use proper color-safe shampoos and conditioners. Check the ingredient list to avoid parabens and sulfates. You should also look for color-specific shampoos to treat your color. Look for blonde toners, typically purple, and brunette toners that are usually blue. Read the bottle and be sure to follow the directions. These toners can help to remove brassiness and keep the color looking great for longer.

After coloring your hair, be sure not to wash it for at least two days. This will allow the color to set in and stay fresh after the first wash. Using these color-safe shampoos and conditioners that we mentioned above will help to set the color in.


Don’t Trust At-Home Hair Dye Kits – Visit a Professional Salon

When deciding to color your hair, you may first opt for an at-home kit. The stylists at Pure Excellence Hair Design recommend changing up your hair color at a professional salon to avoid excessive damage. Bleaching the hair on your own may dry it out even more, and using permanent color can add to this damage. Attempting to bleach darker hair to color it a fashion color may also end in disaster. If your hair is not all one color or is not the correct color, the new dye will probably not look the way you want it to.

Our stylists have years of experience in hair color and use salon-quality color, like Keune, to keep our clients’ hair feeling and looking great. Check our blog regularly for more tips on why a trip to the salon could be cheaper than trying a DIY hair color.


Remember to Get Regular Haircuts to Care for Damaged Hair

Like all hair tips, we recommend getting regular haircuts to keep hair healthy after a color. Cutting off dry, damaged ends can help to keep your hair healthy and feeling great. No matter what color you choose, it’s important to keep up with these trims.


Cut Down on Heat Styling and Hot Water

One way to quickly damage hair and fade color is using excessive heat on the hair. This can include heat styling like straightening or curling the hair, and even washing with hot water. L’Oréal Paris recommends air drying hair and using a heat protectant when styling. Look for heat protectants that do not contain parabens or sulfates. You may also find leave-in conditioners or hair masks with heat protectant abilities.

Washing hair with hot water can cause the color to bleed and fade much faster. Those with fashion colors especially should opt for a cold rinse when washing the hair. This will help to seal that color in and keep it vibrant.


Visit Pure Excellence Hair Design in Roanoke, VA, for a New Hair Color

Are you ready to switch up your hair color in the Roanoke, VA, area? Pure Excellence Hair Design offers color services, including fashion colors, to our clients. With years of experience, you can count on our stylists to provide beautiful looks no matter your choice.


We remind our clients of the importance of vibrant, lasting hair color. Talk with your stylist about the best color-safe products to use during your appointment. Remember, even classic blonde and brunette shades can fade and look drab. Our stylists can help you to find the perfect look and keep it fresh for longer.



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