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Top Six Tips to Care for Blonde Hair

Top Six Recommended Tips to Keep Blonde Hair Vibrant and Healthy

This month, Pure Excellence Hair Design would like to explain how to care for blonde hair. Maybe you’re one of the few lucky ones who have naturally blonde hair. That’s great! But, since two percent of people actually have blonde hair from birth, the rest need to work at staying blonde. In November, we suggested ways to care for dry hair. For December, we’re sharing six tips for blonde hair dyed folks to maintain their hair’s vibrancy and health. These tips include choosing to:

  • Carefully protect dyed hair from UV rays
  • Mindfully avoid chlorine
  • Take cold showers
  • Overall, wash hair less
  • Try deep conditioning after washing
  • Do less heat styling

Protect Your Blonde Locks With Pure Excellence Hair Design

Pure Excellence Hair Design shares that ultraviolet rays oxidize hair, according to This oxidation damages the hair’s outer layer and slowly causes hair to lighten, or lose color. Protect your blonde hair by wearing tightly woven, wide-brimmed hats when you’re in the sun all day. You can also treat your blonde hair with products like hair masks and solutions made with Ylang-Ylang wax. Also, don’t forget about your head! Apply to your scalp products with UVA and UVB filters, with the same SPF you’d use on your body.

Avoid Exposing Your Blonde Hair to Chlorine

Taking measures to protect dyed hair from UV rays is just one way to keep your blonde hair vibrant. Long-term chlorine exposure is bad for hair overall, because chlorine bonds with hair protein. The bonding results in damage to the cuticles. If your blonde hair is color treated, the pigment could fade because, chemically, chlorine is identical to bleach. Bleach lightens hair color.

Also, dyed hair is already porous and protein damaged, so it absorbs chlorine and can become over processed. We’re not saying don’t swim in chlorine; though, if you can swim in non-chlorinated water, that’s ideal. If you don’t have other options than chlorinated water, protect your blonde hair with a swim cap.

Take Occasional Cold Showers When Washing

Trying to avoid chlorine and to protect dyed hair from UV rays helps blonde hair a lot. So do cold showers. Hot showers feel great, for sure. However, hot water allows blonde hair dye to escape by opening the surface area of the hair strands.

When you wash your blonde hair with cold water, you keep the blonde from washing out. Rinsing with cold-water can also make your blonde hair shiner. Furthermore, like we said about dry hair care, cold showers constrict pores and cuticles, locking in moisture. Using too much water from a cold shower can flatten hair volume, so don’t do it all the time.

Overall, Wash Your Blonde Hair Less

Cold showers and trying to avoid chlorine plus protect dyed hair from UV rays are a great start. Just like we said in last month’s blog, washing your hair every other day or less helps avoid stripping your hair of sebum. The same is true for protecting your blonde hair color.

If you can wash your hair every other day, or a few times a week, do it. Dry shampoos can help in between washes. Unless otherwise documented, most wet shampoos have detergents and harsh chemicals that can damage dyed hair. If you have to shampoo, try to use one that’s color-safe.

Try Deep Conditioning After Washing 

After you wash your blonde hair, we recommend doing some deep conditioning. Frequent washing of blonde hair can dry it out. Regularly deep conditioning can restore its moisture. You can use a leave-in conditioner, a conditioner in the shower, or a hair mask.

Be sure to use these types of treatments at least once per week, or even more if necessary. Regularly deep conditioning isn’t necessary for oily scalps, though. If your blonde hair is oily, you can try deep conditioning the ends, where it needs the most moisture anyway.

Do Less Heat Styling and Blow-Drying of Your Blonde Hair

Besides deep conditioning, cold showers, washing less, and trying to protect dyed hair from UV rays, do less heat styling. Heat styling and blow-drying can cause blonde hair color to fade, sometimes rapidly. Hair damaged by heat is usually on the surface, as well as the cuticle layers. Doing less heat styling allows blonde hair to stay vibrant.

If less heat styling isn’t an option for you, follow these simple steps.

  1. After you wash with shampoo formulated for color-treated hair, thoroughly rinse it using cool water to avoid hot water damage.
  2. Condition with a product that has a balance of protein and moisture for protection against heat.
  3. Towel dry your hair until it’s damp—meaning, you can’t squeeze any water out—and use a heat-protecting styling product.
  4. Set your blow-dryer to low and keep it three-to-four inches away from your hair. Move the blow-dryer in one direction. Apply heat for no more than 30 seconds per section.
  5. Spray your dried hair with hairspray before using a curling iron. Use a protective, thermal spray before using a flat iron.
  6. Contact Pure Excellence Hair Design today for more blonde hair care tips.


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