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Tips to Care for Brown/Black Hair

Pure Excellence Hair Design Cares About Your Brown/Black Hair’s Health

This month, we’d like to review tips to care for brown/black hair. Last time, we discussed how to care for blonde hair. We shared tips like taking cold showers, doing less heat styling, and avoiding chlorine. While some of these tips also apply to caring for brown or black hair, other methods may prove more effective.

To prevent damage from issues like pollution, heat, and UV rays, proper black/brown hair care and maintenance are crucial. Among the many tips to care for brown/black hair, you should:

    • Use the right brush or comb
    • Apply oil to keep hair moist
    • Avoid chemical products
    • Prevent hair loss

Use the Right Brush or Comb

One of the easiest ways to care for brown/black hair is using the right comb or brush. Some brushes are best used to style hair. Others are designed to detangle or help with static and frizz. The right comb or brush depends on the type of hair you have. Truly, there are as many types of hair as there are combs and brushes. Whichever kind of grooming tool you use, be sure to be gentle, so to avoid breakage or damage.

Fine hair

If you have fine hair, find a brush with extra-soft boars’ bristle hair. These are gentle on both the scalp and hair follicles. They also maximize natural shine. Extra-soft boars’ bristle brushes have help to detangle without pulling out hair.

Thick hair

Thick hair grooms best with a paddle brush. If you can find one with a mix of boars’ hair and nylon pins, that’s even better. Nylon pins can brush thick hair quickly. Boars’ hair makes hair shinier by redistributing the hair’s natural oils.

Long hair

Paddle brushes also work well with long hair. They can brush through large portions at one time. Besides redistributing oil, addle brushes also easily eliminate knots.

Curly hair

Those with curly-hair tend to use sturdy, wide-toothed combs, commonly known as picks. They especially like to use them in the shower, to prevent breakage that can happen after combing their hair dry. You can also use detangling brushes with stiff bristles on curly hair.

Straight hair

Using a brush with rubber pads works best for straight hair. Often, straight hair is prone to static. You can also use a wide tooth detangling comb.

Apply Coconut, Olive, Jojoba, or Argan Oil, Especially Hot Oil

Besides using the right brush or comb, we recommend you apply oil. Choosing to apply oils as part of brown/black hair care has advantages. The advantages your brown/black hair receives depend on the oil you use. Some can nourish your hair from within, especially hot oils. Others prevent long-term damage. Using:

Coconut oil

penetrates the hair shaft. It nourishes and strengthens hair from within. Coconut oil also prevents premature graying. Coconut oil can help prevent a dry scalp and dandruff. It also prevents split ends and breakage. Ultimately, when you apply oil like this, it could make hair look shinier, feel stronger, and last longer.

 Olive oil

penetrates the hair cortex. It also moisturizes hair from within, plus strengthens the color and keeps hair dark brown or black. Olive oil also lessens damage and hair loss. Olive oil is high in antioxidants. Massaging olive oil into the scalp improves blood circulation in and also nourishes the follicles. 

Jojoba oil

may be a dandruff remedy, as it moisturizes and conditions. Jojoba has many vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C, B, E, copper, and zinc. Like coconut oil, it strengthens hair, which can prevent hair loss and help create hair thickness.

Argan oil

is full of fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid. It also contains antioxidants, like vitamin E. The vitamin E in argan oil helps stimulate hair growth. Argan oil also keeps hair moisturized.

Avoid Chemical Products on Brown/Black Hair

In general, when you avoid chemical products, you ensure long-term healthy hair. You should especially avoid chemical products that have sulfates and parabens. Parabens have been linked to cancer, as they’re known to disrupt hormone function. They can also cause allergic reactions or make dermatitis worse, especially in kids.

Sulfates can also cause many different allergic reactions and have been linked to organ toxicity. Sulfates also come from petroleum, which is harmful to the environment. Products with sulfates and parabens can also damage your hair, over time. These particular chemicals bombard your scalp and hair and can cause your hair to become brittle. Brittle hair is more prone to breakage.

Care for Brown/Black Hair to Prevent Hair Loss

To keep your brown/black hair looking full and healthy, do everything you can to prevent hair loss. We’ve already explained the benefits of applying oil in preventing hair loss when you apply oil. You also want to avoid chemical products or treatments, especially those with parabens or sulfates, as we mentioned.

Many hair products have harsh chemicals that could infiltrate hair, damage it, and cause hair loss. Read the labels and determine this for yourself. Another way to prevent hair loss is to avoid hairstyles such as tight ponytails, pigtails, or braids regularly. Hair elastics tend to pull on hair tightly, which can result in breakage and hair loss.


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