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Switch Up Your Current Style with Professional Hair Coloring Services

Pure Excellence Hair Design Offers a Variety of Hair Coloring Services

Pure Excellence Hair Design in Roanoke, VA, offers various hair coloring services to help our clients feel their best. Many people find confidence in their hair, and can use color to showcase their personality. Those who want to embody their fiery spirit may choose bold colors like reds and purples, or others who have a quieter demeanor may choose more natural browns or blondes. No matter the choice, trust a Pure Excellence stylist to transform your hair to just about any color.

Doing your hair at home can lead to disastrous results, like turning it different, unwanted colors or even causing it to fall out. Remember: it may seem cheaper, but color corrections can take hours and be even more expensive than the coloring service.

If you’re not sure what hair coloring service you want, but it’s definitely time for a change, there are a few options. There’s no need to go straight for a bright color, or to skip out altogether because you’re nervous about the result. Our stylists are here to listen to what you want and are trained to perfectly execute color services like full color, highlights, ombré, and balayage.


Highlighting Techniques for Subtle Changes

If you’re not ready to completely change your look, ask the stylist about highlights. Highlighting, or lowlighting, can add some lighter or darker color throughout the hair to add more dimension. Choose from natural colors, like adding blonde highlights or brown lowlights, or tip-toe in the world of fashion colors.

When doing highlights at home, you may not know the right size or spacing to use to make them look more natural and melded into the hair. The stylists at Pure Excellence Hair Design know the right size and amount of product to use, creating a beautiful end result.

Highlights are also one way to lighten hair without causing too much damage and giving it more depth. While it may seem like a long process, bleaching or lightening the hair over time can help to make the color more even and less damaging overall. Those looking to go lighter may find that getting highlights in stages can help to lighten the color while giving you different looks to see what you like best.


Knowing the Difference Between Balayage and Ombré

Balayage and ombré are common highlighting techniques that offer a beautiful and unique style. But what exactly makes them different besides their price?

Balayage is a technique where the stylist “paints” the hair to give it a more natural, subtle effect. The color stays more on top, adding dimension and depth to the hair. In comparison to ombré, it is a more natural look that starts toward the middle of the hair and is more noticeable toward the ends. In most cases, balayage uses lighter highlights as opposed to lowlights. Fashion colors are also a fun spin on balayage.

Ombré is a more dramatic and starker hair look. Matrix describes ombré as “versatile, customizable, and suitable” for both medium and longer length hair. Like balayage, clients can choose more natural looks like blondes or light browns, or showcase their wild side with vibrant reds, blues, or other fashion colors. Ombré is usually darker at the root and fades into lighter colors, which will grow out nicely and is easy to maintain.


Keune Products for Long-Lasting Color

As we discussed in a previous post, Pure Excellence uses expert hair color products from Keune. We offer both permanent and demi-permanent color, depending on the look you are going for. Demi-permanent is less damaging for hair, but of course does not last as long as permanent color.

Professional, salon-grade products provide better quality results than most at-home hair coloring kits. Trusting a trained stylist to properly use products like developers and permanent color will leave you with a longer-lasting, better-looking hair color.


Full Hair Colors – Choosing Natural or Fashion Color

Coloring a full head of hair can be time-consuming but is definitely worth the time and cost. When done professionally, full hair coloring can completely transform your look, whether you go from blonde to dark brown, or chestnut brown to bright red. It’s important to consider the maintenance that goes into your new hair color before fully committing. Fashion colors may fade fast, so ask the stylist for the best ways to maintain the color to make the most between touch-ups. Natural colors can also fade, but you may find that they last longer and stay more vibrant than fashion colors.


Keeping Hair Color Fresh Between Appointments

After your hair color appointment, it is important to keep up with regular maintenance to keep the color fresh until the next touch-up. Some tips and tricks in keeping any hair color fresh and vibrant between appointments include:

Using color-safe shampoos and conditioners. Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners or other products will help to protect the colors. Look for “color-safe” or “color-treated” hair products at the store, or ask the stylist for recommendations for top-rated brands.

Not washing hair every day. Washing your hair every day will strip out oils and cause the hair to become dry. Constant washing also will make the color fade much faster.

Not washing hair with very hot water. Using hot water can also damage hair and cause the hair color to fade faster.

Using leave-in conditioners or products to protect hair from heat, UV rays, and other damaging factors. Coloring hair will damage it, no matter what kind of coloring products the stylist uses. Prevent further damage by using quality hair products that keep hair hydrated and safe from additional damage.

If you’re looking for new hair products to keep the color vibrant or you’re unsure of what products will work best for your hair, ask the stylist to recommend some products. We can help you choose something that works best for color, hair type, and budget.


Ready to Take the Plunge for a New Hair Color? Our Stylists are Waiting

When you’re ready to take the plunge and switch up your current hair color, the stylists at Pure Excellence Hair Design in Roanoke, VA, are ready to make it happen. Since 2001, clients across the Roanoke area have counted on our stylists to provide gorgeous hair color, haircuts, and other styling options. Call us today to schedule an appointment or for a consultation on hair coloring services.


To learn more about our hair coloring services or to schedule an appointment in Roanoke, VA, call Pure Excellence Hair Design at (540) 362-5093, or stop by our hair salon for an appointment. Check out our Facebook for updates.