Perms available at Pure Excellence Hair Design

Interested in Getting a Perm? Learn About the Perm Process and Perm Care

What Exactly is a Perm?

Are you interested in getting a perm? Pure Excellence Hair Design in Roanoke, VA, offers perms and other hair services to help you look your best. Know that perms do require maintenance after the fact, and we are here to provide you with some knowledge on whether or not a perm may be for you.

Perms are a “permanent” hair style that can transform any hair type into curly hair. Unlike the perm process of the 1980’s, modern technologies do make the process a bit safer for the hair. Perms can create tight, bouncy curls or loose waves, depending on the client’s wants and the tools used. Some perm techniques can also straighten hair.

Perms are not a quick style for a special event. They are a long process with results that can last for months with the right care. Trusting a professional to complete the perm will better the chance of it staying and lasting the longest, and will not cause excessive damage to the hair.


Know the Process of Getting a Perm

The perm process can vary depending on what type of hair texture you have and what style you will like. The main steps of a perm include:

  1. Wrapping hair in curling rods – size depending on the type of curl
  2. Adding perm lotion to the rolls of hair
  3. Rinsing out the lotion
  4. Carefully drying the hair
  5. Adding a neutralizer to complete the perm process

This process is not a quick appointment and can last over two hours. Time will depend on the type of curl, length of hair, and hair texture. Know that some hair will go through different processes, like already curly hair, textured hair or afros, or straight hair. Hair that doesn’t have color or other chemicals may turn out differently than color-treated or damaged hair as well.


Types of Perms for Different Curl Patterns

Perms work well for hairs of all textures and lengths, but there are different types that work best for different kinds of hair. L’Oréal Paris describes a few different types to help clients know what will be best for their hair:

Spiral Perms. This type gives bouncy, defined curls. Using different sized rods can give you a more customized look with different sizes of curls.

Multi-Textured Perm. Multi-textured perms offer various curl patterns to create a totally unique look.

Body Wave Perm. Unlike spiral perms, body waves give a loose, beachy wave look to hair. This effortless style is easy to maintain and looks great on all hair lengths.

Pin-Curl Perm. Using a chemical solution, your hair stylist will wrap the hair into pin-curls. Once undone, hair will be in beautiful, fun curls.

Root Perm. Root perms are great for clients with thin hair. They add volume and thickness to the look of the hair.

Spot Perm. Spot perms, as the name suggests, add curls to specific areas of the hair.

Stack Perm. Stack perms are great for those with long and medium length hair. Curls are towards the ends of the hair, giving volume and depth.

Talk to your hair stylist to see what method will work best for your hair type and length.


Proper Perm Aftercare – Tips to Get Lasting Results

If you’re looking for tips on caring for a perm after that initial appointment, Pure Excellence Hair Design is here to help. While new the modern perm process is much healthier for hair than the past, the use of chemicals will still dry the hair out. There are various tips and tricks that can help to get lasting results while keeping hair healthy, including:

  • Not getting the hair wet within 48-to-72 hours after the perm.
  • Using paraben- and alcohol-free hair products, like shampoos and conditioners.
  • Not heat styling hair or limiting the use of heat on the hair.
  • Using a diffuser when drying hair.
  • Using curly hair-friendly products.
  • Getting the perm professionally done.

Byrdie and Good House Keeping offer great examples of products and additional tips on getting lasting results. Still not sure how to properly care for your new perm? Ask your hair stylist at Pure Excellence Hair Design for their advice on proper perm care.


The Best Hair Care Products to Keep Your Hair Fresh Over Time

There are various hair care products that can help keep your style fresh for longer. Most perms can last upwards of six months with some touch-ups, so at-home perm care is necessary for the best results. Like we mentioned, using paraben- and alcohol-free products is one great way to keep hair healthy and looking great. This goes for our clients without perms, too.

Curly hair-friendly products like Moroccan oil, detangler combs, leave-in conditioners, and silk hair bands can help to keep curls looking fresh and new. Perms will grow out as your hair grows, so it’s good to get touch-ups or professional maintenance to make sure you still love the look. Ask your hair stylist for recommendations on hair products for your hair texture or curl type. Pure Excellence Hair Design is a Keune hair salon. Grab some great products from their line with the help of your hair stylist.


What’s Wrong with At-Home Perm Kits?

While at-home perm kits are on the market, the hair stylists at Pure Excellence Hair Design advise against it. Over-processed hair can be difficult to treat or style, and can leave you with straw-like, damaged hair. Doing it yourself may also lead to uneven curls or patterns, especially if you do not have experience in perms. Save money overall by trusting a professional to complete the perm for you and help you to maintain it over the next few months.


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Have you decided that a perm is right for you? Pure Excellence Hair Design in Roanoke, VA, is here to make your curly hair dreams come true. Trust our experienced hair stylists to completely transform your hair into tight curls or beachy waves. Put your hair in our hands. We can’t wait to meet you and provide a perm that’s right for you.


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