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Find The Right Haircuts and Styles for Square Face Shapes

Are You Struggling to Find a Haircut that Suits You?

This month we’re going to explore haircuts and styles for square face shapes. A few months ago we covered round face shapes and how to best suit them. But, as you may know, not all haircuts will perfectly suit all shapes.

We want to preface with the fact that face shapes do not matter, as long as you feel confident in your hairstyle! If you’re in a rut, though, there are some styles that may spark inspiration. Our stylists work with clients with all face shapes to accentuate their beauty and help them to stand out. Let our team transform your look and boost your confidence.


How to Tell if You Have a Square Face Shape

Before we get into the different haircuts and styles for square face shapes, you may wonder if you have a square face. For some this is an easy thing to check, but all faces are different. TheHairStyler.com offers some features that can help you determine if you have a square face shape:

  • Face is equal in width and length
  • Noticeably square or flat chin
  • Widest part of the face is the cheekbones
  • Sides of the face are straight
  • Broad, square jawline
  • Forehead and jawline are close in width

If you notice any of these features on your own face, then you most likely have a square face shape.


Use Side-Swept Bangs or Curtain Bangs to Frame Your Face

If you don’t want to change the length of your hair but want a new style, try bangs. Those with square faces may find the side-swept or curtain bangs can best frame their face. Side-swept bangs will soften sharper features of the forehead. This style of bangs may also soften sharper jawlines, as Byrdie suggests.

Curtain bangs are another option. A wispy style can add a softness to facial features, including strong cheekbones and jawlines. Keeping hair shoulder-length and adding curtain bangs can be an effortless style. Consider adding waves and letting the bangs flair outwards for a tousled, soft effect.


Medium-to-Long Bobs Can Help to Soften Features

Another option is to try to a medium-length or long-length bob. When you hear “bob,” you may think of short, blunt cuts. However, many clients with square faces prefer a longer style. Instead of sharpening already strong features, long bobs will disguise the sharper angles of the face. The Trend Spotter recommends adding layers for added texture and dimension.


Try Out Side Parts to Add Volume to Hair

Maybe a haircut isn’t in your plan at all. If you’re trying to find new hair styles to suit your square face shape, consider a side part. Side parts are easy to do and can completely transform your look. The hair will soften the angles on one side of the face. Try out sweeping hair to the right or left to determine which feels and looks the best. Add layers to give more dimension and volume.


Waves Add Texture and Softness to Sharp Features

As we’ve mentioned, waves can add texture and softness to sharper features. Wispy bangs and beach waves are sure to make a statement while not highlighting sharp jawlines or cheekbones. If you have straight hair, there are ways to create waves without much damage. Using a heat protectant and trying out a deep waver tool can give you beautiful, beachy waves at any time. Keep up with our blog for more information on heat protection.

If you don’t like to use heat on your hair, you can still achieve waves. Braid your hair overnight in the braid of your choosing. When you remove the braid, you will find beautiful waves ready to go. Add hair spray or a texturizing spray to hold and add any needed volume.


Avoid Blunt Cuts That Can Harden Features

One hair style for square face shapes that we recommend avoiding are blunt bobs or pixie cuts. These styles will sharpen the features even more, making any look more dramatic. If you like having shorter hair, we recommend adding waves or side-swept bangs to help soften features.

As we mentioned above, the hair style you feel the most confident in is the right one for you. If you prefer short, blunt styles, that is perfectly okay. The stylists at Pure Excellence Hair Design can make it happen.


Visit Pure Excellence to Find Haircuts and Styles for Square Face Shapes

Are you struggling to find the perfect haircuts and styles for square face shapes? Let the stylists at Pure Excellence Hair Design help. Our team has years of experience perfecting many different haircuts and hair styles. Tell us your thoughts or what you’d like to try, and we can help you find the right style.

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