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Transform Your Look in Roanoke, VA, with Pure Excellence Hair Services


Looking for Unique Haircuts and Styling Services? Stop Here!

Having the right haircut or style can be the ultimate confidence booster. A simple trim might be all you need, or maybe it’s time to completely change the color and style. The hair stylists at Pure Excellence Hair Design have the skill and experience to transform any hair color or type to suit your desires.

Haircuts can keep your confidence up and can showcase your personality and style. Sweet bobs or spunky pixie cuts can show off your fun and fiery attitude, or longer, flowing hair can be just what you need for fun styles. No matter your choice, our stylists are here to make it happen.

We also offer waxing and eyelash extension services. No matter what kind of style transformation you have in mind, trust Pure Excellence Hair Design in Roanoke, VA, to get it done! Call us at (540) 362-5093 to ask about our services or to schedule an appointment. We offer services for men, women, and children of all ages.


Perms and Permanent Hair Straightening for All Hair Types

Trendy hairstyles come and go, but two that have withstood the test of time are perms and blowouts. Perms can create tight, sweet curls, or loose, beachy waves to last months. If you are preparing for a fun summer of travel, a perm may be for you! Imagine loose, beachy wave while you are pool side, or maybe a blowout to make getting ready a breeze. Consider the possibilities of a new hairstyle to make your mornings easier.

We also offer permanent straightening services as an alternative to perms. Both perms and straightening options can last months, depending on your hair type. They are a low-maintenance alternative to constant straightening or curling and allows less heat damage for your hair. Discuss your options with your stylist to see if either of these services will work best for your desired results.


It’s Time to Change Your Hair Color in Roanoke, VA

Many of us get bored with our hair from time to time. Whether you feel like the color is flat, the length is off, or you just can’t decide what the problem is, Pure Excellence Hair Design as you covered. Our expert stylists will work with you to get the idea of your dream style, and we can create a beautiful look that you will love! A few of our hair coloring services include:

  • Balayage
  • Ombre
  • Multicolored
  • Highlights
  • Full color

Have we given you some ideas for a hair color or style change? Great! Call us to make an appointment in Roanoke, VA. Our team is ready to make your hair transformation dreams come true.


Is Waxing for Me? Ask the Stylists of Pure Excellence Hair Design

Hair removal is definitely personal preference, and it can take a lot of trial and error to figure out what works best for you. Pure Excellence Hair Design offers facial waxing for men and women to help remove any unwanted hair. We offer waxing for eyebrows, lips, and the overall face. Professional waxing is a quick and easy alternative to shaving or painful and expensive at-home waxing options. Waxing keeps hair away longer as well, as the hair is removed at the root.

Please be aware that waxing is not for everyone. Those with sensitive skin, talk with your doctor or ask the staff at Pure Excellence Hair Design if waxing is okay for you.


Eyelash Extensions to Make Morning Routines Simple

Eyelash extensions are essentially semi-permanent false lashes that adhere to your real lashes. Eyelash extensions remove the need for mascara or false lashes, making your morning routine much simpler.

When getting eyelash extensions, it is important to make sure that the salon you choose has the proper experience and certifications to complete the extensions safely and accurately. Pure Excellence Hair Design is here to answer any questions or listen to concerns you may have, and we can help you decide what style will look best for you.

Eyelash extensions require extra attention and those with them must treat them carefully. Your stylist will go over precautions with you to ensure that you get the best experience possible with your new lash extensions.


To learn more about the hair and body services Pure Excellence Hair Design in Roanoke, VA, has to offer, call us at (540) 362-5093 or stop by our hair salon for an appointment. Check out our Facebook for updates.


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